Blog #1

To whom ever will read this blog: welcome.

This is my very first blog post and it will most likely not be interesting in the slightest and let me apologize for that now. You see, I aspire to be a novelist or even a freelance writer someday; I spend my days taking care of my family and writing as much as I possibly can. Now, I have decided to start a blog because I googled, of course. Every thing I have read on the internet all points to starting a blog so that I can practice writing, receive feedback, get a taste of the world that I so desperately want to be in. Everyone knows that saying “You can’t believe everything you see on the internet” but I am going to give this a chance. 

What I type onto these online pages will vary from random banter to short stories, perhaps I will even toss in a few poems. For this is my place to let myself write, this is my place to receive feedback and this is the place where I will learn more about writing and even better myself.

So, there you have it, this is the end of blog post number one, I did tell you that it was not going to be interesting. Fingers crossed that these get better, see ya !
-Wondrous Creator 


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