Blog #2

Hello readers,

I am back and today I am going to talk to you about the main thing I do on my spare time, knitting. Yeah, that’s right, you read that correctly. I am a woman in her mid twenties who knits and boy, do I knit a lot. I have a reason for all of my knitting though: I donate it to the homeless. I spend hours upon hours knitting beanies, scarfs and blankets just so that I can hand them out to homeless people, donate to orphanages, give to the less fortunate. I do not do this for attention, I do not do this to look good to others, I do this because I care. I care about that man sitting on the corner shivering in the cold; of course, there is a chance that he is homeless because of his own doing, such as drugs. But, he is still a person and sadly, he is someone who gets dirty looks all day, he is someone who gets laughed at and made fun of. No matter what that person did to end up living on the streets does not mean that they are no longer human. There are so many people living on the streets who cannot afford food let alone a beanie or a warm blanket. So, I decided to help out a little. Obviously, I am only one person and I cannot help out vast amounts of people, but I can and will help out as many as I can.
I am writing this blog today because I am hoping that you will read this and want to help someone as well. You don’t have to go and learn to knit, you can give them a dollar or two, buy them a sandwich or just smile at the man on the corner instead of averting your eyes. It’s the little things that mean the most and you will feel great for doing so.

I hope whoever reads this does something kind for someone, see ya !

-The Wondrous Creator


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